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From Labette Avenue
Oswego, Kansas
May 7, 2008
Photo: Rena Russell

Tim, Ted & "The Big Train"

Oswego (KS) - ESPN's Tim Kurkjian, the acclaimed baseball analyst and nationally renowned sports artist Ted Watts were on hand for Saturday's reunion of The Rotarians, Oswego's 1952 state championship Ban Johnson semi-pro baseball team.

Watts, who has operated his own art studio in Oswego since 1972 presented Kurkjian with a gift print of his portrait of Baseball Hall of Famer Walter Johnson aka: "The Big Train" who was born in nearby Humboldt, Kansas.

Kurkjian is an alumnus of Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda, MD, named for the Washington Senators' pitcher who lived in Montgomery County, Maryland (Bethesda) during his 21-year career (1907-1927) in the Big Leagues.

Tim Kurkjian and Ted at the reunion.
Tim Kurkjian and Ted at the reunion

Tim Kurkjian, a Major League Baseball analyst on ESPN's Baseball Tonight, Sports Center and Mike & Mike in the Morning was a special guest at the reunion Saturday. He has authored two books on baseball: "America's Game" and "Is This a Great Game or What?". Kurkjian is as a son-in-law of Jerry Patrick, a catcher on the 1952 Oswego championship team.